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Cordelia Tri-Valley Little League

Updated 01/03/2024

CTVLL may field one (or more if required) Majors (Little League ages 10-12), 11-Year-old (Little League ages - 11), 9/10-Year-old (Little League ages 8 – 10) baseball, and Senior, Juniors and Intermediate All-Star Tournament Team to represent CTVLL in the Little League Baseball Inc. International tournaments. All CTVLL Invitational and All-Star tournament teams are subject to rules and guidelines of the CTVLL All Star program.

Managers wanting to manage an All-Star team must notify the President and explain the reason(s) they, and their respective coaching staff, should be selected. The President will assemble a list of prospective managers and coaches and present the list of candidates to the Board for consideration.
15:03  ALL STARS Eligibility
15:03:01 Before any player can be nominated to participate, the Player agent must verify each player has played a minimum of 8 regular season games.
15:03:02  Age range consideration for each team is as follows.
14/15/16 for Seniors
13/14 for Juniors
12/13 for Intermediate (50/70)
10/11/12 for 12 yr. old team
9/10/11 for 11 yr. old team
8/9/10 for 10 yr. old team
15:03:03  Each team shall be formed with the intention to WIN.
15:04:01  Player Selection for 9/10,10/11, and 11/12-year-old Teams
15:04:02  Player Agent shall receive nominations from Regular Season Managers and identify those players interested in having their name placed on the All-Star ballot.
15:04:03  Each All-Star manager will nominate 9 players to be added to the All-Star ballot.
15:04:04  Each regular season manager shall nominate players from their own team, not already nominated by the All-Star Manager, to be added to the All-Star ballot.
15:04:05  Managers may nominate players from other teams within their division, if not nominated by their team’s manager, to be placed on the All-Star ballot.
15:04:06  Managers will vote for 9 ballot nominees per age group. The 9 nominees who receive the most votes will be rostered on their divisional All-Star team.
15:04:07  No manager may vote for their own nominee. However, the All-Star managers may vote for their own nominees.
15:04:08  The All-Star manager will select players from the All-Star ballot for the remaining roster positions and present their selections to the Player Agent and President for approval.
15:05:00  An All-Star manager may call for “tryouts”, when deemed necessary to assist in fielding the most competitive team.
Confidentiality and Oversight: The All-Star selection process, along with the requisite meetings are, facilitated by the Player Agent of the Board with the assistance of the President. The selection results (Number of votes, selection order, etc.), as well as manager deliberations about the prospective players, are strictly confidential.

Roster Evolution: An All-Star player from a team eliminated from competition may be rostered on another team still competing provided they meet all requirements of the Little League rulebook (Tournament Organization Player Eligibility). This re-rostering will require board approval.

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