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2021 COVID-19 Safety Policies and Protocols:
The CTVLL Board of Directors has developed the following policies and protocols to resume baseball activities in the lowest risk environment possible. 

The following will be implemented at the CTVLL facility prior to any baseball activities:·      
1) The following signage will be posted at all entrances to the facility: 
a. Social distancing guidelines
b. Hand washing guidelines 
c. Basic COVID-19 symptoms and recommendation to stay home if sick·       
2) Bleachers marked with appropriate social distancing seating, for player use only. This will be an extension of the Dugout
3) Hand washing stations with soap at each field
4) Hand sanitizer available at each field
5) Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or fabric, if not possible into the sleeve or elbow but not into hands. (This Protocol will be consistently instructed to follow)
6) Participants will be encouraged to provide their own equipment to the greatest extent possible
7) High touch areas will be cleaned before each day
8) Restrooms are the City’s responsibility 

1) All league provided equipment will be sanitized prior to each use 
2) Batting helmets, gloves, glasses, and hats cannot be shared among players 
3) Bats and catchers gear can be shared if sanitized before use by another player   

Managers & Coaches:
1) Managers and coaches will be provided information on COVID-19 symptoms in order to effectively assess players exhibiting signs of illness· 2) Managers will send players home if there are any indications of illness· 3) Managers and Coaches will ensure social distancing protocols are followed
a. At the CTVLL complex 
b.Speaking with players and parents
c. Conducting drills 
d. At any field of play during practice, training, games, or scrimmages·
4) Managers will ensure proper sanitizing supplies are in place before beginning baseball activities
5) Managers will follow safety guidelines during baseball activities· 6) Managers and Coaches will use hand sanitizer prior to beginning baseball activities

1) All players will be instructed to stay home if they have any symptom consistent with COVID-19
a. Fever of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or greater
b. Cough
c. Sore throat
d. Shortness of breath
e. Chills
f. Unusual headaches
g. Severe fatigue·      
2) All players will follow social distancing protocols when not on the field for baseball activities
3) All players will use hand sanitizer prior to beginning baseball activities
4) All players will use hand sanitizer when returning to baseball activities after leaving the field or bleacher area for any reason
5) NO spitting, eating sunflower seeds or gum·
6) NO “High-Fives” or handshakes are allowed·
7) TBall and Coach pitch will not have catchers

1) Parents/Guardians will be provided information on COVID-19 symptoms in order to effectively determine if a player exhibit signs of illness·
2) Parents/Guardians are expected to assess the player’s health prior to the player attending baseball activities, and if the player exhibits any signs of illness the player will not attend the activity
3) Parents/Guardians will not be permitted to 
a. sit in bleacher areas at the CTVLL complex
b. will be required to bring their own seating
c. will only be permitted to sit along fence and above the fields in parking lot area along with sidewalk while maintain 6-10 feet from anyone not same of household  

1) Umpires will be provided information on COVID-19 symptoms in order to effectively determine if players exhibit signs of illness
2) Umpires will use hand sanitizer prior to beginning baseball activities 

Baseball Activities: 
1) Practice
a. Maximum of 15 total persons per field (players + managers/coaches)
b. Parents/Guardians will not be on the field and will maintain social distancing or follow face covering protocols
c. Managers will adjust drills to maintain social distancing when possible

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