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Jan, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child tried out last year, does he/she have to try out again this year?
  1. YES, players are required to make at least 1 evaluation every year. This includes coaches’ kids
  • What will happen during the tryouts, and what should my child bring?
  1. Players will be evaluated in 3 categories, hitting, fielding, pitching. Players should dress to impress, baseball attire (pants/jersey/glove) protective equipment (athletic cup) cleats or turf/tennis shoes if indoors
  • How will my child be selected to a team, and when will the teams be announced?
  1. Players are Drafted in Majors/AAA/AA by coaches, teams are typically released 2 days after the draft.

Coach Pitch (A), Tee ball teams are built around Coaches, player request, schools and residency.

There are NO Guarantees on request

  • I have more than one child, can they play together on the same team?
  1. Yes, if they are in the same division
  • What is a player pool?
  1. Player pool is every kid is eligible to be drafted by any Manager
  • What is interleague play? Is interleague play travel ball?
  1. Interleague play Is when our League plays teams from another league within our district. Leagues we typically play, Fairfield Atlantic, Fairfield Pacific, Suisun, American Canyon, Benicia, Sonoma, Yountville.

Only Juniors/50-70/Majors/AAA Interleague

  • What division will my child play in? Are there any specific requirements about each division?
  1. Your child will player where their age and skillset best determines, please refer to the website under division chart.
  • What paperwork is required and how do I submit it?
  1. Birth certificates and residency docs are required, you submit these online through your player’s profile
  • What do the registration fees go toward?
  1. League operations (charter fees and insurance), field maintenance, uniforms, umpires, clinics etc…..
  • Are there fundraisers throughout the season? Is there a fundraising buy-out option?
  1. CTVLL typically has an adult only fundraising dinner. Individual teams are required to provide a raffle basket or dessert depending on the division that will be auctioned off.
  • Am I required as a parent to volunteer?
  1. Yes, field crew, scorekeeper, team parent, assistant coach etc...
  • What is the time commitment? How many practices and games per week?
  1. Depending on Division 2-5 days a week with practices

Majors/AAA/AA 3-5 days with games

Coach Pitch (A) 2-4 days with games

Tee ball 1-3days with games

Almost every team plays 1 weekday game and 1 Saturday game

Juniors/(50-70)- Fri/Sun, managers discretion

Majors- Tues/Thurs

AAA- Mon/Wed

AA- Any day but Sunday

CP/Tball- Any day but Sunday

  • How does the team and/or local league communicate with parents? Does the league have a social media presence?
  1. CTVLL Communicates via email. Yes, we have social media
  • Can I manage my child’s team?
  1. Yes, please fill out a head coach volunteer form to be considered by the President.
  • If my child is selected to a Minor League team, is there a chance he/she gets called up to Majors during the season?
  1. Only if said player tried out for majors and didn’t make it, these vacancies are filled by the Player Agent.
  • What will my child need to bring to practice?
  1. All players will need a Glove, water and a positive attitude. Helmet and bat are recommended
  • When is Opening Day, and what will be involved?
  1. Opening Day is typically in March, look at the calendar to verify. Opening day is a small Parade with announcements and awards.
  • How many players are on a Little League team?
  1. Depends on division, can range from 8-14 players

Juniors/(50-70)- 13-14players

Majors/AAA- 12 players

AA- 10-12 players

Coach Pitch (A)- 9-10 players

Tee ball- 8-9 Players

  • Does each player play every game?
  1. Yes, there are minimum playing requirements that apply to all divisions including Juniors/(50-70)/Majors/AAA/AA
  • Where can I find the Little League rules?
  1. Local rules are listed on our website, Majors/AAA play by Little League international rule book
  • Will my player get to play with his/her classmates?
  1. Depends on division, Tee ball & Coach pitch (A) we do try to keep kids together by schools. This is not a guarantee
  • What is an all-star, and how is the team selected?
  1. All stars are at the end of the regular season, teams are built with kids in their age groups to compete at the District, Regional, and State levels. The outline for team formation can be found in our local rules under All stars tab
  • Can my child “play up” on an older all-star team?
  1. Yes, if selected.
  • When will the all-star team be announced?
  1. After May 15th
  • Do I have to sign my child up to be an all-star?
  1. No, the Player Agent will email all prospective players if they are able to commit to the team through July for practices and games. (includes holidays)
  • If my child isn’t picked to be an all-star in my league, can he/she go to another league to play all-stars?
  1. No, all little leagues are bound by residency requirements, you must live within the boundaries or go to school within the boundaries.

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